2004 Foals & twins
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On March,2nd 2004, Mon Amir x Kissme Quick had a set of twins!!!!!

Heres some photos of the miracle, both twins, and father and son!

This is one of my favorite images

twins,,, one 65lbs-36in tall,one 22in tall about 25lbs

Smallest twin {Rocky}

We had to take Rocky off his real mama because of the RH factor and put him on our nurse mare,, this was his first bottle!!

Mon Amir BWA and his son Rocky!!

Everyone thinks arabians are crazy,, especially egyptians,, heres to show that this stallion is a gentle and humble as they come!

The One and Only,,Mon Amir BWA, and his tiny son Rocky!!!!!!

 This is a picture that you dont see very often, a stalllion in his prime,, breeding mares ,yet standing beside a tiny lil foal, {like he understands the foal is weak and needs him to be careful and understanding!

The other twin!!

 this is the larger of the 2 twins @ 3 weeks old,,

A mans best friend??

 Rocky when he was about 3 days old!

Mon Amir BWA,, SE,,SO,,AF,,AK,,Asil,Heirloom !!!!!!!