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These photos will be random pictures of our horses,,visiting horses,, during play or unexpected times during play or of things going on here at the farm!!

NO FOLKS!! hes not teasing a mare!! this was taken during a traing time in the middle if winter with long hair and all!! but it shows his long neck and clean throat latch!!
HAMAD MAROU !! Black,,Big,,Straight Egyptian!
This picture was taken in winter during our play time! Hamad is only 2 years old and is cold black and 15 hands tall,,,and what a pretty head!!
ASWAD SHAWAN !! Black,Rabicano,Straight Egyptian!!
This photo was taken during training, yes !! he rears up on command!! This beautiful colt went on to his home to stand for 2004 and we enjoyed having him here1

 Mon Amir BWA  X   Il Bint Khamsa

Pictured @ 2 yrs old, and showing great promice and overwhelms visitors here at Heirloom !!

SELAH ELHAM BWA !! Exotic headed Bay
Selah is Straight egyptian,,! this picture was taken during our playtime,,,, Selah has been sold and is no/longer with us,!
THE ONE and ONLY !! "Asaalah"

 Beautiful example of his  straight egyptian breeding!

SE,,AK,,Asil,  heirloom/sirecho/el dere, first generation pure in strain {saqwali-jedran}

Mon Amir Bwa  x  Il Bint Khamsa

Another photo of our big boy taken when it was almost dark!!