2004-2005 Foals!!
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More beautiful foals for your viewing pleasure!!


Aint Misbehaving! {pending}

Mon Amir x Cheyene,

Chestnut filly, foaled Nov,23,2004, this beautiful filly is owned by Jessica Rupard, of greenville,S.C.

better pictures coming soon!!!!!

SAHRA SABIIH HAS,,,, {pending} {desert beauty}

Mon Amir x Raadin Mahroussa, bay filly,, foaled Feb, 16, 2005

This is our first SE,,AK,,Asil   filly this year, Born on the same day as her sister last year, She also is Heirloom/Serecho/El Dere,

She is for SALE,,, 10,000.00 FIRM!

2005 COLT! {name pending}

Mon Amir BWA x Khiki !

Foaled April,10, 2005  This beautiful boy is not only colored but 82.5% arabian. We have waited for 3 years for a stud color with color and finally got one from this beautiful NSH mare!

He is NOT for sale!!!!

Mon Amir & my son,,,{Kendell}

When this stallion isnt breeding mares he,s being ridden and enjoyed!

Mon Amir has such a great disposition! doesnt it look like my son is having fun!!!!


This is a updated picture of the smallest twin {22in},here he is about 5 months old,all his health issues are over,,his legs and joints are better and he has made it thru the hard times! he will never be full size, and is about 34 in tall in this picture! Maybe the smallest purebred arabian in the world!!!


Mon Amir,s great pedigree includes this stallion, As a matter of fact he is linebred Fakher el Din on the dam side..


Mon Amir,s grand sire! again,, on his dams side!!

HAS Mon Asaalah, 2004 colt, Mon Amir BWA x IL Bint Khamsa

This is none other than Asaalah,  not yet 2 years old and turning into quite a beautiful stallion!


Head shot of Mon Amir taken @ 5 yrs old!

Mon Amir! On his way to the Egyptian Event in 2005!!

Thank you for looking at our site,please enjoy these pictures untill our 2006 foals arrive!!!!!