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Stallions OF The Past ,,Standing At Heirloom Arabian Stud

~~~ MON AMIR BWA !!.~~~

FLASH!!!!!  UPDATE~~~~~ Mon Amir is now owned by~ Whisper Winds Arabians in Texas!

El Rhaqiis DSA [aka} THE ROCK !!!

Rock,, has gone home, he will stand the 2007 season @ WindFall Arabians, In Richmond VA! 

Rocky is a combination of Ansata/Glenlock breeding,some of the best breeding programs in the USA today!  and he looks it!!

Almost perfect balence, type, super legs, and just has that look at me!! attitude! And is in my opnion EXACTLY what is so special about the Straight egyptian arabian!

Rock, is Se,,AK,,Asil  and i like him so good that we are planning on breeding 2 of our Se mares to him!!

2007, fee,,,,,,,, $ 1000.00 lfg,,, multi mare discounts, and other incintives offered! Shiped cooled Semen now available!!

I simply cant say enough about this young stallion!


On April 17th, 2005 ,at the WNC Spring Classic,,",Rock" ,,WON!!!,, his halter class against some huge,, top notch,, stallions and returned into the ring against the senior stallions and  went on to become RESERVE Champion Stallion!! And qualified for region 12 championships as well!

FLASH!!  FLASH!!   At the Egyptian Event" "Rock "",placed a impressive 2nd in his liberty class against 9 other horses with his  beautiful trot, Took a top 10! in the 4-5 yr old halter class, and went on Fri night to the liberty finals and placed a 3rd and got the crowd in a roar with his impressive dance {backwards} and his beautiful movement!


BIG !! BLACK !! BEAUTUFUL !! Hamad is Straight Egyptian,,AlKhamsa,,Asil,, limited book,, His 2005 fee is,,750/500.00 lfg with special incentives to Se mares!!! He is owned by,, Jessica Rupard of Colletsville, N.C.

You can some see Hamad, at the Egyptian Event, in 2005!!


On April 17th, At the WNC Spring Classic show in Asheville,N.C. Hamad was shown for the first time by his owner Jessica Rurpard in the 4 yr old stallion class where he walked away with a 3rd place, and again in the amature owner class  where he took a glourious 2nd place, His first time in the ring! It was decided to take Hamad on short notice and he went unclipped, unshod, and still done this good at his first show!!

Watch for HIM at the Event!!


First time in the ring under saddle,,Hamad made his debut @ the Egyptian event this year, placing 6th in the Jtr w/p class with a 14 yrold riding! went on in the ATH halter class and placed 12 out of 16 horses with his owner showing him,  And impressed visitors from as far away as Egypt when they visited him at his stall!

New photo of Hamad, taken just a few days ago!


Beautiful head shot, taken  2006!

NOIRAM !!!!!!


is owned by, BlueMoonFarms in Tenn. and will be standing here @ Heirloom Arabian Stud!!

1999, Black, Straight Egyptian, AK,and Asil, Noiram stands 15hh and is beginning his western pleasure training!

2007, Stud fee,,,$1,000.00 LFG,

HAS Mon Asaalah !!

Asaalah, as a 2 yr old, learning how to "set up" @ halter. Nearly 15 hands already!  and we are already expecting a few foals from him in 2007!


ASAALAH is now owned by FORT WARNER ARABIANS in Virgina, Billy Warner, ~ 276-728-9777

Asaalah is now a beautiful 5 yr old, has one beautiful filly on the ground, has been started under saddle and will STAND @ STD here at Heirloom for the 2009 season, Intro, stud fee ~ 500.00 LFG. multi mare discounts!

He is the ONLY Straight Egyptian stallion in the USA by Mon Amir BWA !!


 Photo,, another beautiful head shot!

So far, 22 foals on the ground as of 2009,


Mon Amir entertained , many visitors at our barn at the Egyptian Event this year, doing riding exibitions, with a 14 yr old young lady riding him, doing both fancy dressage and some reining tricks, We are so pleased with all the emails we have got since he returned home!

UPDATE~~  MON AMIR is now owned by Whisper Winds Arabians !  {see front pg for contact imfo!  }

"" THE ROCK"""

 This is "ROCK this year at the 2005 egyptian event,,during the l;iberty class,  The crowd went crazy when he reared and danced backwards!



 Pictured @ 13 months old and already 14.1 hh,  Assalah is Straight Egyptian,Al khamsa, Asil,  heirloom/SerEcho/El dere, first generation pure in strain {saqwali jedran}   he is dbbl Serecho and dbbl fakher El Din!

We kept this outstanding colt because of his breeding and his show ring quality!   Mon Amir x Il Bint Khamsa, and this breeding can NEVER be duplicated!


ASAALAH is now owned by Fort Warner Arabians, by will stand here for the 2009 season!

Assalah, will be standing to a few outside mares in 2009, contact us, we will make some deals to get some foals on the ground by this YOUNG SUPERSTAR!

Precious Family!!!

Mon Amir and 1 of the twins born March 2,2004,Rocky as we call him was the smallest about 20-22 in tall and our vet shouldnt have made it, Here he is with his daddy @ 3 weeks of age being taught by his dad to be a horse ,,to play,graze, drink water, This egyptian stallion is very rare in his understanding that this fragile creature is his son and must not be hurt!

HAS Mon Asaalah

Head shot!!!

Mon Amir BWA

Here we are training and condictioning for a 50 mile race in Oct,2004 in Edgemount N.C.

Mon Amir BWA,

 Another enhanced photo of the one above, only the background was changed and the halter removed!

"" ASAALAH"" !!

 ASAALAH, is now owned by FORT WARNER ARABIANS in Virginia, {276-728-9777 }

but will stand at stud here in 2009,into stud fee, 500.00 LFG !

He is the only SE son of Mon Amir BWA  in the USA!