2004 Foals x Mon Amir
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we are expecting foals in jan,feb,march,may.july and nov 2004!


2004 Straight Egyptian!! HAS MonAsaalah

 Mon Amir X Il Bint Khamsa

This colt is straight egyptian,,Al Khamsa,,Asil,,,, and first generation pure in strain! ,,, he is Heirloom / Sirecho / E l Dere bloodlines,, he is also Dbbl  Fakher El Din

Asaalah, just turned 2 yrs old, a stunning 14.3+ hand, chestnut/flaxen beauty ,that simply is a favorite of all our visitors!

he will begin his show and breeding career in 2006!


HAS Asquar Amira {pending}

 This beautiful 3/4 arab filly is the 2nd by Mon Amir by this mare,, they look like twins, the 2003-2004 foal are identical!

   FLASH!!!!   SOLD to,,,EastWood Arabians, in Statesville,N.C.

Has Ebony Lace,, 2004 black filly

Mon Amir BWA x   Raa-din Mahrousa,   2004 SE,,AK,,AF,,Asil,99.98% blue list,first gen pure in strain! She is Heirloom/Serecho/Eldere,She is also triple Serecho,and dbbl Fakher El Din!

Offered for sale,  7,500.00 cash !!


FLASH!!!!!! SOLD to Top Of The Hill Arabians in Georgia!

2004 colt! Kauzin Akamotion {pending}

Mon Amir BWA x Asneth Desta

This colt is heavy Nazeer and Moniet El Nefous ! he is owned by Jessica Rupard, in Greenville,S.C.

HAS Bay Sensation!! {pending}

Mon Amir x Khiki {our NSH mare} 82% egyptian,and  just perfect conformation!

Offered For Sale,, 1,500.00 cash,-2000.00 terms

FLASH!!!!!  SOLD!!!!

To,, Eastwood Arabians,, in Statesville,N.C.

Count Twice BWA {pending}

This beautiful colt is the larger of the set of twins by Mon Amir x Kiss MeQuick! he is almost perfect! he belongs to Brandy Wine Arabians!

Mon Amir x Kiss Me Quick! 2004 twins

This is the smallest,, 20 in tall, 25lbs,, of twin colts born @ Brandy Wine Arabians,We had to put this little fellow on our nurse mare so he could get plenty to eat,,he is 4 days old here